Live Before You Die Short film digital download

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Live Before You Die Short film digital download


Live Before You Die

Short film digital download

A modern day dreamtime.  The freedom of a life on the road with ponies in an English Summer.

Travelling the length England and back again with a pair of Fell Ponies and a gypsy caravan, Live Before You Die is the ultimate horse-drawn road movie, following a band of Travellers with handcarts, goats, donkeys and ponies along green lanes to the fairs and festivals of England.

Winner at International Film Festivals and translated into 4 languages, this timeless short film has been an inspiration to many. Shot by Tom LLoyd on a hand-cranked clockwork Russian super 8mm camera during a 9 month journey from Cumbria to Cornwall and back again in 1995.

Produced and Directed by Tom Lloyd

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Winner, Kinookus Film festival Croatia 2010

Best Short Film, EQUUS Film Festival NYC 2015

Official Selection, Cinemabiente International Environmenal Film Festival 2009

Official Selection, 12th Expresion en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico

Official Selection, Cambridge Super 8 Festival 2011

Shortlisted in the ThinK Sync Film Competition

Runner-up Keswick Film Festival 2009

Cannes Short Film corner 2009.

Shortlisted Northern Exposure, 2013

Strawberry Fair Film Festival 2009

Screened at the BFI as part of Upshots 2008.


Live Before You Die Director's statement

Back in 1995 I found myself sitting round a fire on a protest camp in Devon. I had spent the previous year or so living at and filming protests and had managed to sell some of the footage to The Orb for their music video Oxbow Lakes. Around the fire were a group of people who had been travelling the green lanes of the South West with handcarts, goats donkeys and horses.

I woke up the next morning realising that the only reason I had been living and working in London was to earn enough money so that I could go and live in the countryside, so why didn’t I just go and live in the countryside? I made a promise to the people round that fire that I would meet up with them again in a few weeks with my own horse drawn turnout.

A few weeks later I set off from Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria with a pair of Fell Ponies Hades Hill Oscar and Hades Hill Fenella (Nellie),  a hand-cranked clockwork Russian super 8mm camera on a 9 month journey that would take me to Cornwall and back and change my life forever. It was an amazing time in my life. I then sat on the film for 13 years without even looking at it, waiting to get the money together for a telecine and the right opportunity to use it.

Then I heard this track by Husky Rescue, started to edit and the footage came back to life. Gill Barron who features in the film sat with me one afternoon in my "chicken shed" and the words came pouring out. And so began a whole new journey in trying to track down everyone in the film to get consent forms. Peoples lives had moved on. I tracked people down in Australia, in Spain, Portugal and have reconnected with so many people who I had lost touch with completely. Some had died.

It has been a pleasure to share that journey, and I hope the film might inspire others to live out their dreams and to take the opportunity – Now – to Live Before You Die.